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Mixed Hardwood Firewood

Mixed Hardwood Firewood

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Mixed hardwood firewood is 16 inches in length and under, 4 inches and above screened hardwood firewood one cord. *Good quality.

Professionally processed firewood:

  • Hearty, 4"-6" width
  • Split and cut to 16" and under length
  • Screened to clean and separate debris
  • 75% seasoned hardwood firewood.


See Clear's Mixed Hardwood Firewood is locally sourced, processed, cleaned, and screened to separate debris, split, and 75% seasoned hardwood firewood.

Local Delivery

See Clear's Mixed Hardwood Firewood will be delivered in full-cord or half-cord sizes with a delivery fee to a local radius of 60 miles (New Jersey only) around Williamstown, NJ.


  • 16" length and under
  • > 4" (screened)

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Split Firewood Best Uses

See Clear's Mixed Hardwood Firewood is the perfect wood for use in campfires, solo stoves, fire pits, fire places, wood stoves, and even wood-fired pizza ovens.

  • What are the benefits of burning Mixed Hardwood Firewood?

    Being a dense hardwood, Mixed Hardwood Firewood burns slowly. This makes it ideal for fireplaces and wood stoves as a long-lasting heat source. In addition, Mixed Hardwood Firewood has a natural resistance to rotting and insect damage and can be stored and used for years.