Tree Care & Emergency Services

For 24 Hour Emergency Services, call (856) 725-9315

All other non-emergency services please call (856) 649-3238

See Clear and their team specialize in a variety of professional tree care and emergency services. With many years of experience in the area, we know the weather, the terrain, the unexpected, and how to protect your property efficiently and effectively. Below are a few of our specialties.
  • Tree Care Available 24 Hours a Day With Our Rapid Emergency Tree Service

    • We respond to emergency tree needs quickly and efficiently. We take emergencies very seriously.
    • A tree emergency can be very stressful for you as a customer. See Clear will explain the actions we will take to resolve your tree situation so you will have peace of mind throughout the process. We are glad to work with and communicate with your insurance company.

    Rapid Assessment and Action of Tree Storm Damage – See Clear tree service with our team members who are trained in arboriculture shall rapidly assess your tree situation and risk and take the appropriate action.

    Tree Pruning And Priority Tree Care – See Clear will assess the risk of the situation when you call. If you have a severe emergency, our tree care team will prioritize it at the top of our service list. We pride ourselves on scheduling.

    Complete Tree And Stump Removal – See Clear owns and operates state of the art turf friendly equipment using aerial lifts, 15”- 21” drum chippers, cranes, versatile tracked stump grinders, mini skid steers, large skid steers, excavators and bulldozers whether it’s providing routine Tree Pruning, Tree Maintenance, Medium Tree Removal, Large Dangerous Tree Removal or Land And Lot clearing. Always with the placement of protective lawn mats to ensure no damage to the property. No job too big or too small. You can trust we have the correct equipment to get the job done right the first time.

    Stump Grinding Or Excavation – At See Clear you have the option to grind your stump and surrounding roots 4”- 6” below grade or grind the stump completely up to 24”. We can either leave the stump grinding debris on-site where the stump was, or remove and haul away the the stump grinding debris. We can also backfill where the stump or roots were with our premium topsoil.

    Why stump excavation? You would want to excavate a stump if it was uprooted or if you were going to be doing construction in the general area where the stump was, to ensure that the stump is 100% removed. When a stump is excavated it will need to be backfilled.

  • White Glove Service – Upon completion of services we will guarantee that the lawn, driveway and in front of the customer's house at the street side will be cleaned up, blown out and broom swept as needed.

    Firewood – We deliver and sell half, full cords of seasoned oak and cherry firewood!

    Educate Our Tree Customers – See Clear and its team understand that our tree lingo may get confusing at times - here is some information for you to digest!

    What is the practice of tree care, and what are the educated deciding factors of the manner to proceed with pruning trees or removing trees?

    Tree care is actually a science-based on the education of provided from the ISA, Best Management Practices through ANSI A300 standards. See Clear and its team practices tree pruning with the customers expectations while still maintaining the industry standards for professional tree care. Before removing a tree, all tree pruning industry standards shall be considered. When pruning is properly executed we are able to accomplish a number of a objectives to maintain a tree’s health whether it would be to improve a view or aesthetics, influence flowering or fruit, provide clearance, reducing shade, wind resistance, and most importantly, reducing the risk of tree or branch failure.

    Many pruning types are used in arboriculture to maintain a tree’s health, improve structure and restore the crown of a tree, with satisfying a customers expectations. The four main pruning techniques include: cleaning, thinning, raising, and reducing. We will be sure to include all of these standards and pruning techniques before recommending removing your tree.

    If your tree shall need to be removed, See Clear owns and operates state of the art equipment with the professional know how to remove a tree from your property with as little imprint as possible, and we will always offer complete stump grinding or removal. You can trust that we have the correct equipment to get the job done right the first time. Oh, and before you ask, we always clean up behind all of our services leaving your property cleaner than it was before.

Customer Testimonial

"See Clear came out while it was still pouring down rain with gusts of wind. They removed all three trees and secured the others close to the house. Top notch service within the hour."

Mark, Franklinville

Want a free estimate for your tree care and emergency service needs? Let us help secure and safeguard your property. Contact us today!