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“Take advantage of our grapple saw crane truck.”

  • crane rental service with grapple tree saw

    Commercial/ Residential Standard Crane Services.

    Our crane is a 65,000-pound capacity knuckle boom with 110’ of reach. Unlike a standard stick boom style crane, the compact design of the truck being only 35’ long, we are able to work in tight quarters. In addition, the articulating boom and jib allow us to adjust to multiple angles and work around all types of obstacles. So let us make easy work out of your project with less of a footprint.

  • Take things to the next level with our grapple saw crane service.

    Yes, at the end of the crane is a grapple saw! We can reach up to tree limbs to grab and cut them. Unlike ropes, the grapple makes tree removal extremely safe, with the crane's hydraulics to hold the material in place while cutting limbs. This is the safest way to remove trees, ensuring your home and property are not damaged.


    Let us selectively prune or remove the trees of your choice. You save by doing the cleanup while we do the cutting.

    Tree Guys

    When paired with a climber, bucket truck, or areal lift operator, you are able to increase the production of tree removals by at least 50%.

Grapple Saw Crane Service

"This is literally the safest way to execute tree removal, ensuring your home and property do not get damaged"

Paul Chupashko, Owner

Have questions about how our commercial or residential crane rental services work? Want to schedule the Grapple Saw Crane to help lower your job costs and increase profitability? Contact us today to find out how!